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In memory of our valiant soldiers who gave their lives in this travesty of a war in Iraq, in honor of all those who have come home wounded in body and spirit, and in mourning for the destruction of lives and lifestyle of the Iraqi people (even if they may have been our enemies even before the war), I think Rabbi Waxman has let Pres. Bush and his administration off too easily. The President is certainly guilty of hubris, as Rabbi Waxman points out. But he is also guilty of much more.
There is a little known website put together under the authority of Rep. Henry Waxman, then minority member of Congress’ Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, that lists 237 misleading statements that the Bush Administration made about the threat Iraq posed, which convinced many–myself included–that this war was necessary and justified due to an imminent threat. Click here for the full report.

If that weren’t bad enough, Bob Woodward, in his book “State of Denial,” details how the Bush Administration completely bungled the war they manipulated us into. Then there are all the ethical issues, of torture, abuse, contractor scandals, etc.
Our brave men and women in the armed forces have done what has been asked of them to the best of their abilities, above and beyond the call of duty. Their families, who often suffer financially as well as emotionally, have also done what has been asked of them above and beyond. As a result of their dedication and sacrifice, they don’t even get decent financial support and medical care, thanks to the Bush administration.
It’s one shanda after another. Some might even call them sins. Unfortunately, our soldiers, and many others, have paid a heavy price for this administration’s lies, cronyism, and manipulations.
I don’t know what the right “exit strategy” is. But I do know that, unlike the men and women of our armed forces and their families, this President is unworthy of the trust we have placed in him. That is something we can change in the coming year with the elections.
In the meantime, we can support organizations like Yellow Ribbon Fund, popularized by Stephen Colbert, which supports families whose loved ones are being treated at Walter Reid and the Naval Medical Centers. It is the least we can do for those who have done so much.

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