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As American Jews prepare once again to pray, “next year in Jerusalem,” on Yom Kippur, they should know that plans are being made to prevent that from taking place. For better or for worse, if it were up to Ehud Olmert we might be switching our prayers from “next year in Jerusalem,” to “next year in half of Jerusalem.”
According to the JTA, Haim Ramon, Olmert’s top secretary, has devised a peace plan that would cede to the Palestinian Authority a good chunk of Jerusalem. Ahh… and I remember when Olmert swore over his dead body he would never give up an inch of Jerusalem. Its interesting how someone who swore he would never divide Jerusalem is now making plans to give it up to the PA. Olmert’s about face is just one more indicator of the truth of Ariel Sharon’s adage explaining his own about face once he became prime minster, “You see things from here that you don’t see from there.”

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