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Rabbi Waxman claims I asserted that, “The incidence of teenage pregnancy and AIDS in the Jewish community is not a problem that needs to be taken seriously.”

That’s not what I meant.

What I did say was:

“Relative to America at-large there is no teenage pregnancy or AIDS problem in the Jewish community let alone the Orthodox community!!”

Of course there are Jews who have AIDS. This is very sad and should be taken seriously but again “relative to America at-large” this is a non-issue. Among Orthodox teenagers I wonder if there are more than 50 reported cases in the last 15 years! Honestly I dont know. So if someone has some info please post it. The bottom line is the Jewish community has been and continues to be at the forefront of putting an end to AIDS and ensuring that poeple with AIDS get proper medical treatment. The Orthodox Union’s website targets the broader American community and attempts to ingratite itself with the Christian right.

My point is merely that this website is not directed at Orthodox Jews, it’s directed at other groups. But where are their halakhic sources for promoting such a position to non-Jews? Do they honestly think that halakha would deny condoms to people living in Africa?

But dont tell me this is a pressing matter in the Orthodox community!

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