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I would agree with both Rabbi Waxman’s and Rabbi Grossman’s comments regarding Charles Murray’s recent essay in Commentary Magazine on Jewish brains. Even if his answers seem a bit strained, Murray’s article certainly has a certain grain of truth. The only question I would pose is what exactly is Murray trying to get at? Yes, there is much to be said for seeking truth as an end in and of itself, but Commentary is not some ivory tower journal, it’s a high-brow, popular magazine whose political censor has always shaded and shaped its articles. So what is the magazine trying assert? Great, so Jews are smart, maybe even smarter than everyone in the world. Ok now what? Is this merely a pat on our back (or our brains)? Or is there perhaps something more chauvinistic? Maybe a scientific justification for chooseness?

Most importantly, I find it interesting, but not surprising, that a magazine, which only a couple years ago was running articles in support of creationism has now become a great supporter of Charles Darwin. I guess Darwin is no good for public schools, but when it comes to Jewish superiority he is kosher. Murray’s piece is nice, but where does it lead and what’s its purpose? Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe Commentary would like to tell us.

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