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For starters this Tu B’Shevat, we should all take notice of how many of our elected officials run around busy city streets in massive SUVs built for the Rocky Mountins. The only reason I can think of as to why all of sudden in the last 10 years politicians need SU’s is so that they have enough room to fit in their car to fit their ever growing egos.

OK, enough silly rhetoric, here is a simple plan of action. This Tu B’Shevat, ask your elected officials to make a choice: Either (1) stop using SUVs or (b) set a higher standard for miles per gallon of gas that the automobile companies are required to fulfill when they build the SUVs.

Right now SUV’s are not legally considered cars but rather some other “machine” that allows the automobile industry to duck the 27.5% mpg rule that governs all automobiles put on the road. Aside from taking up too much parking room and space in crowded cities, SUVs are gas guzzling giants that only increase our reliance of Middle Eastern oil resources. Perhaps the greatest irony with SUVs is that only 5% of their owners ever need them for the kind of off-road mountain riding shenanigans that they are built for.

Go tell your elected official to stop using SUVs.

— Posted by Rabbi Eliyahu Stern

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