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Andrew Sullivan has raised the issue of Mitt Romney’s Mormon underwear. Sullivan, usually a very astute and articulate voice, goes a bit too far on this one.

Rabbi Grossman is right on this one. Who really cares what undergarments Romney wears or doesn’t wear?

I know this is a total overstatement, but what goes on inside someone’s heart, head, or pants is not my concern. I am not sure why it matters what Romney wears unless we have reason to suspect it will influence his voting record and public policy.

Personally, I would be more worried about a president wearing a kippah or burkha or cross out in public than someone wearing a tallit kattan with tzizizt (a Jewish undergarment that has fringes) tucked inside his pants or Mormon underwear. Does his underwear tell us that he is a zealot or a Mormon extremist? Maybe, but let’s first focus on his record.

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