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If there is one thing this war has taught Israelis, it’s that without America they are nothing.

Could things change? Could America grow weary of Israel? Perhaps. But as of now America is Israel’s chief supporter. America has single-handedly protected (some say protected too much) Israel from the ire of the world, allowing Israel to continue to wage war against Hezbollah.

That said, we were wrong a few months ago to laugh at those such as Israeli author A.B. Yehoshua who mocked American Jewish identity, giving it a secondary status next to Israel. Instead of laughing. we should have been crying and denouncing him.

I wonder what A.B. is saying now. WhileI am Zionist and believe in the importance of making Aliya (immigration to Israel) the influence and impact that American Jewry wields with respect to Israel should never be downplayed or dismissed.

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