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We have entered into a new stage in Middle East crises: The End of War.


Let me explain. War is defined by the possibility of peace. If there is no possibility of peace, all we are left with is mayhem and violence.

When dealing with nation states, there was always an option of a peace treaty or, at the very least, one side wining the war and the other side being forced to submit to the jurisdiction and laws of another group. For the rank and file of a losing army or your average civilian, making peace with a foreign power was better than death. When World War II ended, the Germans and the Japanese allowed the United States and Russia to take over their countries and rebuild their governments.

With Hezbollah and Hamas, peace is not an option. Actually, these groups aren’t working even within that framework. For them it’s either “life” or “death.” Death in some sense has replaced peace as a more desirable option. Until the last Israeli or Jew is killed, their struggle will continue and the world will continue to suffer.

The notion that Israel can win a war against these groups is absurd. The notion that these groups through diplomatic pressure will somehow submit or give up their weapons is absurd. The notion that razing buildings, bombing airports, killing civilians, and threatening governments with sanctions will somehow stop the terror is ultimately absurd (by the way, for almost minute-to-minute updates on the ground in Haifa go to ).

For those who live in a world of life or death, there are only two options, life or death.

Suffice it to say, we are running our of options very quickly.

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