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Muslim Outrage: Cynicism as an Artform

I would be more sympathetic to Muslims’ anger at the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad if it were not accompanied by rampant violence and threats, and if it weren’t being so cynically and opportunistically manipulated by Islamic leaders for their own ends.

In Beirut, for example, the burning of the Danish embassy seems to have been orchestrated by pro-Syrian elements who are already under fire for their campaigns of assassination against anti-Syrian Lebanese leaders. And in Iran, President Ahmadinejad himself is taking the lead role to distract from continuing popular discontent with the exclusion of reform candidates in the recent election and anger over his failure to deliver the economic reforms he campaigned on.

As with his nuclear threats and now with his offensive and ridiculous attempts to link Jews to the publication of the Danish cartoons, Ahmadinejad is willing to go to any length to distract attention from the real problems facing his country. And that is the real desecration in this whole story.

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Azar Kahn

posted February 9, 2006 at 7:28 pm

Any community having multiple internal problems of immoralities and then so called civilized nations and preacher of democracy or social democracy can verywell do anything to abuse the humenaty.Those people who having no respact for sister,rather law permits the marriage of sister and brother,no respect for ABRAHEM,IssaC,Moses,JESUS and Muhammad.Such communities requires to be reformed. I believe in universl religion and as such I have no right to make fun of anybody,prophets,books of any religion.

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Janel A.

posted February 11, 2006 at 8:41 am

This seems to be the root of much of the behavior coming from the Muslim world for a while now. To take the focus away from their failures, they stir up scenarios coming out of nowhere (old cartoons which no one cared about, plus fake ones mixed in…), and then use that to stir crazed violent mass-reaction (burning, shooting, stoning, bombing, etc). This distracts them from their problems, while also displacing the blame for all these problems onto the rest of the world…. and of course the Jews…. rather than on themselves. It seems clear to me that one of the big problems is that the Muslim world cannot seem to take responsibility for their actions. They cannot handle responsibility, no matter how small their problem. This cartoon story is just another reminder that Muslims are willing do anything, to distract themselves from themselves, while conveniently torturing the whole world at the same time…

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posted February 12, 2006 at 3:49 pm

Sympathy is not the issue. The question is “Is it morally right to make derrogatory cartoons of Mohammed?” As Jews, everything else should be irrelevant.

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Azar Kahn

posted February 18, 2006 at 8:59 pm

Analytical review at length will reveal the facts of the communal problems linked with the economic and social complexes. The historical events of the past starting from Roman Empire to the 2nd World war and till to date. The developed ,civilised world and preachers of democracy are fully responsiable for such events whereby they blames are on the supressed world.

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Carlos Bahar

posted February 26, 2006 at 6:04 pm

Kahn can bear witness that there is no such thing as an Islamic country today. Every Muslim country is ruled by a CIA-installed and maintained dictator, general, drug lord, king, or other despot. Assad is a classic example. What, historically do Muslims do in reaction to the hundreds of derogatory cartoons published each year from folks like Chick Pulications? Answer – NOTHING. They ignore it. So why all the fuss over the Danish cartoon? Because Bush needs the commotion to make Muslims look bad so Bush orders it. Muslim countries do not have public demonstrations because the dictator will shoot them; so if they’re having them in relation to the Danish cartoon then it is coming with not only State sanction, but State generation. Where do we read about the Muslims becoming the victims of the outside agitators who show up at the peaceful demonstrations to bring violence? Like the Salman Rushdie protests in England, where did those vans of outside agitators come from where geezers piled out and burned effigies of Rushdie right in front of the cameras, then rode off never to be seen again? Their violence overshadowed the peaceful protests of the Muslims. Muslims, in their political naivete, are being played by outside agitators. They should just continue to stay at home because their peaceful protests are being hijacked by outside agitators organized by their anti-Islamic governments put there by CIA.

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Azar Kahn

posted February 26, 2006 at 9:01 pm

I agree with the above comments ,but thier is definitly,an objective behind all these plays and stories. Its not Israel,its the bloody oil. In the past in almost every century there have been very strong dictorial Empires,which even now exists and all the rest are thier slaves with only one option to obey.

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