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First: What you’ll read here is nowhere near the sum of what is going on. I’m not using this space to pour out and expose everything that is going on.  I’m using it to share thoughts and experiences that have […]

People are wonderful. I am grateful beyond words for the outpouring of support and prayer we have experienced over the past week. And it has been a week, exactly. Thousands of prayers said, rosaries prayed. Scores, if not hundreds of […]

Michael had been writing a column for the Diocesan newspaper called “Some Seed Fell” and posting them after publication on his blog. His sweet secretary Allison just sent me the last column he wrote, being published this week, that he […]

November 16, 1958-February 3, 2009 Michael collapsed this morning at the gym and was not able to be revived despite the efforts of EMTs and hospital personnel. We are devastated and beg your prayers. Many thanks for all of the […]

Thanks to a faithful, ever-helpful reader who passed this along – an article on New Movements by then-Cardinal Ratzinger: This perspective also enables us to see the risks to which the movements are exposed as well as the means to […]

A year ago last week – January 30 – Legionary of Christ founder Marcial Maciel died in Houston and was, a few days later, buried in Mexico, rather than the tomb that had been constructed for him in Rome. Over […]

Several years ago, Michael and I wrote a Way of the Cross based on John Paul II’s structure. It was published by Ave Maria Press, and has just been republished by them, with gorgeous new art by, we are honored […]

After a bit of a break, I’m gearing up for more blogging. For the last year and a half, my head has been fogged up by pre-move, move and post-move stuff as well as sorting through my own sense of […]

There must have been something in the water – both Washington papers carried good articles about Catholics in service to Christ and his people this past weekend. I’ve already  pointed out the piece on A Simple House, which ran in […]

The Pope addressed the topic of the moment – the Holocaust – in his General Audience today. The full text will not be available for a good while, but AsiaNews reports: The Holocaust remains a warning against the power of […]