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I don’t know about you, but one of effects of childbirth on me was a compulsion to spill the details. All of them. The whole thing was fascinating to me, so of course I assumed everyone else should be fascinated […] case you were wondering.  See, the problem with making a decision to cut down on your blogging is that it makes the decision to actually blog much more difficult to make. For me, at least, it puts so much […]

Son #1: Hey, Mom, you know that Love in the Ruins book you gave me? Me: Yeah? Son #1: I read it. Me. (Hopefully) And? Son #1: It was stupid. I didn’t like it at all. Me: (Deflated) Oh. Son […]

…if you were a hard-rocking guy working in sports broadcasting who turned 25 today, what would be the picture you’d least enjoy seeing of yourself on your mother’s blog?

1.   If you knew the Marlins were playing the Reds, you’d be able to better guess where we were. 2    The best part of the Cincinnati Zoo is the Nocturnal House, without question, with the Insect House coming in a […]

…this weekend? Well, some of us walked – yes, walked – from Kentucky to Ohio. Whew! (They rode the bus back, though. Interstate traveling can be tiring.)

We stopped in a local “international” grocery store yesterday – mostly Latino foodstuffs, but selections of Greek and Italian as well. Anyway, I let the boys get paletas. Joseph picked watermelon, which was fantastic, and I picked “fruit cocktail” for […]

Me: I saw Mrs. Miller today after Mass. Katie: What did you talk about? Me: Our ungrateful daughters. (Pause. Double Pause.) Katie: (tentatively) Really? Me: (shrug) Me: How was school? Katie: It was great. I have the best lunch table […]

Worst first day of school ever. Weather-wise, that is. Emotionally, everyone was up for it, but..oh the rain! I had the best of intentions – I wanted to take my camera to Joseph’s school and snap him in front of […]

Another new WordPress blog. Waddya know.