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A couple of things:
From my old acquaintance Kevin in Toledo – who was always so helpful sending along great links! – comes another which looks fascinating:

Found full text online of vol. 1 of memoirs of Sarah Peter, a prominent American convert in mid-1800s.  Her letters during her first trip to Rome (around pg. 170) and a Holy Week pilgrimage to the Holy Land (around pg. 220) are interesting — she was not Catholic at that time and gives many details of the liturgies, etc.
Memoirs of the life of Mrs. Sarah Peter (1889)
Short bio of Sarah:

Pray for Fr. Neuhaus:

Father Richard John Neuhaus, editor in chief of First Things, is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.
Father Neuhaus disclosed his cancer at the end of this post on the First Things website in early December.

And for Nick Thomm, Al Kresta’s producer:

So, after fielding many questions recently, I realized that we had not updated you all since consulting with Nick’s doctors after the car accident (over Thanksgiving). Two of the three doctors were on board with us sticking to the original plan of beginning Nick’s 6 week chemo. / radiation regimen the last week of January (Approx. Jan. 26 – March 6).

(There is a link at the Thomm’s blog for assisting them financially)
And for peace:

The birthday of the Lord is the birthday of peace: for thus says the Apostle, He is our peace, who made both one; because whether we are Jew or Gentile, through Him we have access in one Spirit to the Father.

(Homily of St. Leo the Great. Office of Readings, 12/31)

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