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So I went outside this morning to start clearing fallen branches. “It’s cold,” I idly thought, deciding  it was about 20 degrees. Got in the car to head out to Target, a bagel and Internet, and saw that, now it […]

Michael and the Boyz are enjoying a little Florida jaunt while Katie and I have come to a far different place: We rose at 4:30am, dashed up 65 then 69,  were in town by 3pm, turned on the heat and […]

St. Peter’s Parish, Fort Wayne Reminiscent of a visit to the Kennedy Space Center, actually.

Compare and contrast: Bishop Kieran Conroy of Arundel and Brighton, in an interview with the Catholic Herald: A Youth Mass with a liturgy designed to appeal to youngsters had been proposed. The website for it displayed the bishops’ logo. Suggestions […]

From Pope Benedict’s General Audience yesterday: The Logos knows us, calls us, guides us. It is not a universal law, in which we fulfill some role, but rather it is a Person who is interested in each individual person: It […]

Long-time readers who have nothing better to do than remember my kid-lit philosophy know that I assiduously avoid books that are supposed to be helpful. These books are generally very easy to avoid because their subtitle always begins with “A […]

Love for the poor and the divine liturgy go hand in hand, love for the poor is liturgy. The two horizons are present in every liturgy that is celebrated and experienced in the Church which, by her nature, is opposed […]

“At the corner of the property was one of the many street or crossroads shrines we find in the city: a rough-and-ready altar perched on the pavement, with a painting of a religious sacrifice plastered on its outside wall above. […]

Following up last week’s excommunication of Fr. Ray Bourgeois for his participation in women’s ordination ceremonies, word comes down that Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix has excommunicated Lifeteen Founder Dale Fushek and another, Mark Dippre. Fushek and Dippre, those who follow […]

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