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On this Sunday before the election, this weekend of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day…what happened in your parish?
Prayers? Music? Homilies?
Did anyone go to the Dominican House of Studies Vigil of All Saints? Or experience something similar in your area?
And the political climate, particularly among Catholics…what’s the temperature?
Do read the comments – lots of interesting things going on.
Lots of black vestments, it seems, as well – what a sea change.
Because I would be teaching this morning, I went to Mass last night – no black vestments, but the homily was about purgatory and praying for the dead.
The report from the others was that at this morning’s Mass, the priest (a different one – different parish) did, indeed wear black vestments.
For more on black vestments – go to Shawn Tribe’s explanation at NLM here.

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