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A very nice video featuring Fr. Vincent Hoagland, CP – via Fr. Ray Blake.
An account of that visit here.

What did you see and hear?

I went to an evening Mass (since I am leading an adult ed session tomorrow morning). Very sparsely attended…why? Well, maybe because the Bama game was still in progress.
A gratifyingly low-key Mass in the early evening half-darkness. The Paschal candle in front of the altar – because it is a feast? The homily referred back to an introductory explanation that had been offered before Mass about the significance and reason for the feastday (which I missed), then moved on to say that this was a day to remember the unity of the Church, to remember to pray for our newly elected civic leaders (I am not sure how that segue worked) and then a reminder that we are all called to let the living waters flow through us to help others, and so on.
The first prayer of the faithful was a prayer that discrimination come to an end. Again, I am not quite sure of the relationship to the bigger picture today.
As I said, low-key (which is, you might guess, something I appreciate), mostly me and older people – obviously not Alabama fans.

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