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I’m just going to start uploading my pictures and blog whatever comes to mind. 25 hours with about an hour of sleep, but I’m happy to be back with the rest of the family, so I’m not ready to hit […]

As I mentioned, the flight over was great in every way. The flight this morning, from Rome to Gatwick, was fine except for the “breakfast” given to the slobs in coach. It was probably one of the grossest things I […]

I don’t like non-itemized receipts. It drives me nuts. Not because I think I’m being overcharged (a pastry and a water for 1.80? Even if that is overcharging, I’ll take it.), but just because I’m curious. The one big thing […]

One of the grocery stores at which my son shops is reached through steps in the back of a clothing store, going down to the basement. I am continually fascinated by the use of space in Rome. Most everything seems […]

<![endif]–> My trouble in Rome is that I am always finding things by accident but never, ever finding what I want to, when I’m actually looking for it. Things I have found by accident: (And when I say this, I […]

Was at this place. Now, before you start hating on me, please understand that when I am traveling alone, I am not a big meal eater. Well, ask my husband. Even when I am traveling with others, I am not […]

How to have a timely departure from FCO: 1) Book a 6am flight on British Airways 2) Have a pre-arranged taxi driver pick you up at 3:55 am.  While you are casually standing outside your apartment building, trying to not look […]

On the way back. I’ll leave for Atlanta in about three hours, and then be there around 4:30, I think, then picked up by Chris, who will drive us home to Birmingham. I have a great deal to say, but […]