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January 1, 1970 Archives

Today was…what…Crypto Balbi. Then to S. Susanna. (Please be proud that I have figured out the bus system enough so that I can take the bus from one place to another like this. There are many things I’ve not figured […]

Here’s what I saw, all within the space of 30 seconds today: -A woman pulling down her toddler’s tights, and holding her sort of seated over the edge of a curb. So she could. You know. -A woman wielding a […]

How to get a bunch of Americans to start tearing up, immediately? Start playing America the Beautiful as your closing song at a Thanksgiving day Mass at an American-centered parish in a foreign country. Even if it’s Italy, and even […]

Okay, so I found J23. I was just looking in the wrong corner. (by the way, the easiest way to find him is early morning, when all the side altars are being used for Mass. Believe me, this is the […]