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, In the drive-thru at the Full Moon Barbecue. Alabama certainly likes its barbecue.  There’s a lot, and most of it is good. Hit a place at the wrong time and you might find some dryness, but not often. The […]

And the muse is  unrelenting. He did the very same thing the next day on another wall during “nap time.” (Click on the photo to see the detail.)

Dueling letters in Public Discourse Kmiec My dear Archbishop Charles, I want to thank you publicly for your thoughtful inquiry into how best to build a culture of life in the United States in the coming years. Seeing a small […]

Greg Sisk at MOJ: Given the tightening of the race at the end, Catholics for Obama rightly may take meaningful credit for the Obama victory. While exit polls show that a majority of faithful Catholics who attend weekly Mass were […]

Sandro Magister shares with us the preface he wrote to new collection of the Pope’s homilies – those focusing on the liturgical year. (Italian publisher/Italian book.) It’s a wonderful, knowing piece by Magister. Benedict XVI said it clearly in the […]

Is having to explain your jokes, sarcasm and ironic observations.

What say you? I initially thought Kmiec, but then, in a flash this came to me: Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg  – hmmm? There’d be an aggravating logic in that. From Memphis Aggie in the comments: How about Pelosi? – she and […]

Oh, I’ll be honest. The real reason I’m ticked off and depressed is because.. the President of the United States is younger than I am. It’s bad enough that almost every doctor and dentist I come in contact with is […]

First, some links. Fr. Martin Fox of Ohio, who has a background in politics, posts some reflections here. It is true, and dismaying, that Obama got a bigger share of Catholic voters this time; but: when you break out weekly […]

My reaction? Very glad that the barrier has been broken. Looking for more barriers being broken in the future. Palin-Jindal 2012? Sitting in Birmingham, just miles away from the church where four little girls were blown up just a few […]