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At the new site, “Public Discourse,” which gave us the excellent piece from Dr. Robert George earlier this week, the text of a speech given today by Archbishop Chaput: It’s a torrent, and it’s powerful stuff. Meanwhile, the basic human […]

From the UK Catholic Herald: Around 4,000 Christians have escaped Mosul in northern Iraq to neighbouring villages, creating a potential humanitarian nightmare as winter approaches. Many left without any possessions after receiving written threats, and militants blew up at least […]

Health Care. What does “Catholic Social Teaching” and Catholic teaching in general say about health care and the responsibility of a society to provide it? And how does this relate to: 1) the present reality in the US and 2) […]

I’m fully aware of the limitations and possible abuse with polls like this. It might end up accurately reflecting the views of this blogs’ readership or we could get a whole lot of influx from another site that will skew […]

…speaking of Red Cardigan, she’s got a wonderful post up today about a 102-year old, never married, childless man who died and asked that any remembrances be left to Human Life International. Wonder why? Go read. (By the way – […]

Here’s my first question for you guys to discuss. Let me try to unpack the probably poorly-articulated question. I don’t mean, “Is it too unrealistically oriented toward a greater good that can never be achieved?”  No. I mean – is […]

Here goes. I want to start politico-blogging, but I’m going to be all schoolmarmish and lay down some requests about commenting. Why the requests? (‘Cause you really want to say “rules” but that would be too much. Admit it. Okay, […]

Cincinnati has a new Coadjutor – Queen City resident and blogger Rich Leonardi has details. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s new coadjutor is Dennis Marion Schnurr, bishop since 2001 of Duluth, Minn. As coadjutor, Archbishop Pilarczyk remains the ordinary, but upon […]