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I need to update that sidebar. I do think a couple of those books have been up there for almost a year. (BTW, we are  considering changing the listing of the FW house and adding, “Excellent theological library included.” For […]

If you or any blogger you read has collected links to all the statements made by US bishops on voting in recent months – please post a comment or email to me. Thanks!

At Wal-Mart, it was the day of Buying A Lot of Stuff. One woman slid a case of red pepper sauce right off the shelf into her cart. As we were driving in, another woman was supervising workers who were […]

For the past six weeks, Fr. Mitch Pacwa gave talks on “St. Paul, Steward of the Mysteries” at the Cathedral of St. Paul here in Birmingham.  They were all (video) recorded, and here’s the link to the diocesan website with […]