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…when something really interesting and bloggable that is surprisingly and instantaneously sucking up the world’s available Blogxygen happens, the temptation is strong to well, blog on it.
But then, about 6 hours into this… becomes clear that this might just take a while. That something’s been unleashed and it’s going to be one of those stories that changes by the day or even by the hour.
And you think…well, shouldn’t I wait and see what happens? I really don’t have time to blogblogblog and follow the comments on this right here and right now. Got to go to Knoxville to say farewell to the GlobeTrotting son, got to write stuff, got to go get a root canal (today!)..
But then (again)…you end up not being able to blog on anything else because if you blog on some funny thing that happened to you or some cultural blip, readers are gonna go, “Huh? Why isn’t she blogging about the thing that’s sucking the Blogxygen?”
So you end up sitting around, amazed, aghast and reading political blogs like a crack addict.  And BlogParalzyed.
(And honestly, you also think…there’s quite enough commentary on this out there. Quite. Enough.)
So anyway, it’s off to the dentist. And seriously, I’m waiting for Palin’s speech tonight for comment.
That said,  I can agree wtih most of  what the Anchoress has been writing over the past few days aboutall of this.
And Peggy Noonan, today.
(Oops… that hot mic, Peggy)
Now, off down the hill to the dentist…

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