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Especially new readers.  With the Pope safely back in Rome and that over and done with, regular blogging will resume – which means, not very often. It’s another busy day around here – yet more painters – so I’ll point […]

There’s a lot of good reflection out there, and since I have a million things to do, I beg your forgiveness for highlighting only one at this moment – feel free to add your own links to the comments. Jen at […]

The final entries are up, including mine, here. It was moderately successful, hampered by the process – we submitted a post to an editor, the posting was all done by the Times, we didn’t always know when it was going […]

        The Catholic Woman’s Book of Days is a 365-day devotional for Catholic women. It is loosely tied to the liturgical year, is a very handy size, and features special devotions for several saints. It is not […]

I’m mentally wiped out and it might be a couple days before I can recoup. So…you fill in the blogger’s chair. Did you attend any of the events this past week? Stand on the street and see the Pope ride […]

Be nice!   (BTW, I’ve got CNN on, and John Allen and Soledad O’Brien, both Catholic, of course, are doing a good job of gently explaining what’s going on in a non-intrusive way.) Here’s the text of the homily: Dear […]

My latest at the Times. I hope my youth rally post will find a space today, and then a wrap-up, sometime tonight. Here’s the Youth Rally post – “What is God Whispering To You?” Remember – you do not have […]

There’s loads of papal commentary – perhaps you’re overloading, as a result. But it should be no surprise that some of the sharpest stuff is to be found over at Godspy. Start with Angelo Matera’s spot-on summary of what Benedict […]

The whole speech at the Youth Rally was…wonderful. Read it. (linked below). If you were watching it, you might have noticed that there was one point at which Benedict really drew on just a little bit more inner fire and […]

The Vatican has put up the text of the Pope’s off-the-cuff remarks at the end of Mass this morning. It is smoothed out and patched up..and changed: My response now for all that you have given to me during this […]