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Starting of Book Day:
There’s discussion here and there about Episcopal Gene Robinson being invited to be present/talk at the RBTE – the Religious Bookseller’s Trade Exhibition, which is being described as a “Catholic” book trade show.
Well, sort of.  But not really.
RBTE is a joint effort of publishers related to what’s called “liturgical” churches. Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, mostly. And, yes, mostly Catholics. But it is not a “Catholic” group. It’s a business coalition, so to speak, which gives publishers associated with and serving these liturgical/mainline churches a place to market their wares – as distinct from, say, CBA.
(Note – the Catholic Marketing Network is another trade group, for Catholics, and formed out of dissatisfaction w/RBTE).
There are different sorts of events associated with the show, a few for everyone – all booksellers or publishers present – but more divided according to denomination.   Robinson’s scheduled to speak to the Episcopalians.  It seems to me last year there was someone equally controversial scheduled (well, perhaps not equally – that would be difficult – but close). Can’t remember who it was.
Here’s the schedule of events. As you can see, most of the dinners/breakfasts/talks are separated by denomination and those that aren’t are business-related. One of the exceptions is the final luncheon, at which the speaker is Raymond Arroyo.
And no, I’m not going – of all years. That would be an interesting scene….

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