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…when it’s finally warm enough for little boys to spend hours outside, puttering and digging. …and then they do. It’s amazing how much happier they are when they have that freedom to be outdors, which, even the tameness of our […]

Forget that bloggy, ongoing post down there. I’ll just do individual posts. I’m pretty much in a state right now. When Michael was just talking to me on the phone from Florida he said, “You know, what’s different about this […]

Fr. Jeffrey Keyes of the Rifugio San Gaspare blog (and at whose parish Michael did a mission a few weeks ago) has posted the program for his First Communion program and is asking your feedback. Here’s the post and here’s the program […]

Thanks to commentor Gerry who mentioned this wonderful story from the LATimes: A priest once asked her not how she does it, but why — for 23 years, when she could have been elsewhere, when much of her flock cannot […]

I”m about Poped out, and we’ve still got three days to go. What I’m going to do in this post is pull out some statements from the past few talks, sections that really, as they say “spoke to me.”  I […]

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10:17…just now…aftershock. Anyone else?

This is the exciting sequel to The Loyola Kids’ Book of Saints.  The original title given to me was The Loyola Kids’ Book of Heroes and Happenings– they wanted it to be broader than just more saints, offering an historical […]

Earthquake! I barely woke up, just enough to register that something was going on – I thought I was having some sort of tremor, for reasons I couldn’t figure out. Then back to sleep. Anyone else?    

In the Spectator, me on Benedict and the abuse issue. CNN has interviews with some of those who met with the Pope. The video is here – Olan Horne, Faith Johnston, and Bernie McDaid. It occurred to me as I […]