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My latest at the Times

Thank God. Really. Thank God. Pope Benedict XVI held an unscheduled meeting with victims of priestly sexual abuse, shortly after pledging the church’s continued efforts to help heal the wounds caused by such acts. The Vatican said the pope met […]

I actually have things to say about this, but I had saved it for a NYTimes bloggy thing, but it hasn’t run, for some reason – I don’t know if the editor lost it or what. I figure that’s probably […]

I’ve closed my original Papal liturgy thread down there and opened two new ones. I’ll be adding my own thoughts to those in a minute, but first this message from your sponsor. I wanted to start a pool as to […]

Quickly: 1) I want to repeat what I said above – everything I saw and heard indicated to me that the participants in the Mass at Nationals Stadium had a very prayerful experience, were nourished by the Holy Father’s homily, […]

I’ll post the text of the Pope’s homily as soon as it turns up, which should be soon. Right now, I’m listening/watching/trying to fill book orders/waiting for the guys to come and install a new storm door. Short thoughts so […]