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There is a lot going on. The Pope. Politics. I don’t want to forget, though, that a year ago today – right now – we were all watching in horror as unbelievable news starting coming out of Blacksburg, Virginia. And […]

Today, of course, is Pope Benedict’s 81st birthday, and, as Michael and I have observed many times since 2005, being Pope seems to agre with him – he looks and seems more vigorous than he did three years ago. Some […]

Thanks to the online discussions that have raged about the music for the papal Masses, particular the one in Washington, the Catholic differences about sacred music have hit the WaPo in a piece by Hank Stuever. The piece isn’t bad, […]

…that brought someone to this blog. “what does this mean “xvi” “ Kind of charming, actually. If it’s an 8-year old child doing the searching, that is.