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                              I’ll be here, for sure, but I’ll also be hanging out here. Pray for me! Update: To clear up any confusion, the actual blogging hasn’t […] seems as if people are most interested in learning more about Bishop-to-be Taylor of Little Rock than any of the others appointed today. Makes sense. Two years without a bishop is a long time! Rocco has more info about […]

  Savage Chickens via Fr. Z As long as we’re talking about writers, let’s link to a couple  who’ve shared the pain. But hopefully not much longer for any of us. Matthew Lickona has started blogging at length about the […]

So far: (all times are Eastern) Friday, 6:40 AM – Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd, Sirius Catholic Channel.  Topic: Mary and the Christian Life, Pope. Friday, 8:40 AM, Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick, Sacred Heart Radio, Cincinnati. […]

Via the New Liturgical Movement –  the Papal Missal for the liturgies on the US visit is now online. (pdf)

Along with Des Moines, auxiliaries in Denver, San Antonio and San Francisco. Found here. Little Rock: Fr. Anthony Basil Taylor of Oklahoma CIty Des Moines: Bishop Richard Edmund Pates, auxiliary of Minneapolis-St. Paul Denver: Mons. James Douglas Conley, of Witchita […]