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As Michael reported yesterday and Rocco hints at this evening, we just might see quite a few episcopal appointments for the US tomorrow. If you want to be the first on your block to get the news, there is no secret […]

In all of the PopeBlogging, I realized I’ve neglected something important – you! Because you are the Church and you are special! (Isn’t that the theme of the visit? No? You’re kidding me!) No, actually, I’m just curious, and thought […]

Stories are beginning to pop up, here and there, about young people who are interested in and positive about Pope Benedict. Pope2008 had a post yesterday about what’s happening at CUA in anticipation. Joanna Berry, a student from Catholic University […]

So the Archdiocese of Washington expressed concern about this ad from the DC Metro system, and Metro voluntarily pulled the ad:     I’ve been busy doing the GoogleBlog search thing and the reactions from St. Blog’s are already pouring […]

Where Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix spent part of Easter Sunday: More than 20 young women attended Easter Mass with Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted March 23 in a small chapel at the Black Canyon School, a juvenile corrections facility in north […]