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Like anything else the institutionally-sponsored Catholic press has its limitations, but it has strengths, as well. One of the areas in which the Catholic press shows its value and even necessity is in the telling of stories of individual Catholics – their vocation journeys, their struggles, their pilgrimages and their transformations.
Around this time, diocesan papers are filled with great stories of light and conversion. I highlighted one from an Arkansas paper a few days ago. Here are two more, from the many that are out there, if you just look:
Rich Leonardi points us to a Catholic Telegraph story about 10 prisoners baptized by Archbishop Pilarczyk this past weekend.
Two great stories in the Georgia Bulletin:
Former Methodist minister and radio host Allan Hunt’s story. I’ve blogged on him before, but this story has details on what exactly brought him to Catholicism.  (He actually came into full Communion a few months ago)
How an 8-year old girl led her family to the sacraments.

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