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A few days ago, I blogged on reporter Gary Stern’s piece on Benedict, which had some good points, but was hampered by the thematic focus that Benedict is a “mystery” to “many.” Stern has responded to bloggers’ criticisms, particularly Carl […]

Thanks to Dan at the Whapsters: (It’s a Catholic riff on this) Trappist: You have two cows. You do not appreciate their mooing, yet require their milk to craft high quality fudge. You assign them to a novice. Jesuit: You have two […]

Science fiction writer John C. Wright joined the Church last Saturday night.  Now he has questions, which are being very helpfully answered by all comers over at his LiveJournal. I have heard my whole life how corrupt and superstitious the […]

Over at the Papa Ratzinger Forum, the inestimable Teresa Benedetta – who can turn out good, reliable, faithful translations of the Pope’s words literally days before the Vatican gets back  around to it, lets loose on the Vatican’s less-than-effective efforts in […]

I have actually been working on a post pulling together the Pope’s homilies from Holy Week, but I should have known that Sandro Magister would beat me to it – thank heavens! And  – reminder to journalists. Do you want […]

Oh, back to satisfying our ‘satiable curiosity about liturgy around the country and around the globe. I’ve always enjoyed these threads because it’s just interesting to see the diversity – welcome and unwelcome. I think it’s also good for us […]

Carl Olson does a nice job with this one: What happens when an American journalist with a typically dualistic “conservative vs. liberal”, politics-are-everything perspective tries to understand Pope Benedict XVI? He becomes a bit befuddled, as does Gerry Stern, in […]

 Problem:   The three dozen or so wooden train tracks you have aren’t satisfactory.  Solution:  You decide to construct your own. By drawing them. With crayon. On the hardwood floor. Problem solved! Some problems, solved, anyway.

…and for all those coming to Christ in His Church this evening!  From John Allen: One of the best-known Muslims in Italy, a journalist who in some ways is the heir to Oriana Fallaci as the country’s most prominent critic […]

This will be a catch-all post, added to throughout the day… First, I’m going to pretty much insist that you go vist Jen Ambrose’s blog for her photos and videos of the Holy Week services she’s attended in China. It’s […]