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January 1, 1970 Archives

Thanks to Dan at the Whapsters: (It’s a Catholic riff on this) Trappist: You have two cows. You do not appreciate their mooing, yet require their milk to craft high quality fudge. You assign them to a novice. Jesuit: You have two […]

Science fiction writer John C. Wright joined the Church last Saturday night.  Now he has questions, which are being very helpfully answered by all comers over at his LiveJournal. I have heard my whole life how corrupt and superstitious the […]

Over at the Papa Ratzinger Forum, the inestimable Teresa Benedetta – who can turn out good, reliable, faithful translations of the Pope’s words literally days before the Vatican gets back  around to it, lets loose on the Vatican’s less-than-effective efforts in […]

I have actually been working on a post pulling together the Pope’s homilies from Holy Week, but I should have known that Sandro Magister would beat me to it – thank heavens! And  – reminder to journalists. Do you want […]