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Inside Catholic has posted a slew – a slew -of reactions to the Pew study. The respondants are all over the map, and include a bishop or two. It’s well worth a read, and Inside Catholic has done a great […]

In reflecting on the latest misreporting of Catholic news, I’m not seeing this as simple “anti-Catholicism” or “anti-religion.” Because it seems to me that it would be very easy to report the 7 Deadly Sins story with an anti-Catholic angle […]

Sandro Magister has a very interesting column today, in which he looks at five recent General Audience talks (remember, the Pope is going through the Greek and Latin Fathers) and pegs the moments when the Pope begins to extemporize. After […]

It has been 12 days since Mosul’s Chaldean Archbishop was kidnapped: The Iraqi Church is “suffering profoundly” from the “darkness and silence” which reign over the kidnap of Mosul’s Chaldean Archbishop, as anxiety and concern increase among the faithful and […]

Last week, new US ambassador to the Holy See Mary Ann Glendon presented her credentials to Pope Benedict. Elizabeth Lev writes of the occasion for Zenit with her usual grace and insight – even more so this time, since her mother is, […]

It seems that Luther isn’t even one of the two topics being considered for Ratzinger Reunion ’08: The story “does not have any foundation, insofar as no rehabilitation of Luther is foreseen,” Father Lombardi told the Italian news agency ANSA […]