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As I mentioned earlier, I awoke at 6:40 am – well, scratch that. I woke at around 4:30 am to Michael the Toddler’s cries for the bathroom. Then back to a fitful sleep, wondering if school was on for today, […]

Not a debate blog post…but simply pointing you to another fine, informative blog post from Fr. Martin Fox, a pastor (of two parishes) in Ohio, who’s tending to liturgical matters: As regular readers will know, I’ve taken an interest in the […]

…trying to understand the crisis in the Anglican communion. The acronyms have finally done it. I read Christopher Johnson and Kendall and Thinking Anglicans and Stand Firm and Captain Yips and follow their links, and it all just gets murkier […]

I was remiss the other day in not giving props to Sacred Heart Radio in Cincinnati – a great, relatively new Catholic station. (correction…or not, per Fr. Kyle!) On which I “appeared” at 6:40 this morning. Was I coherent? I’m […]

..about the Pew study on religious affiliation. Here’s the study And here’s the part that interests Catholics, quoted from an LATimes article: But Catholics also lost more adherents than any other single religious group in the United States, with one […]