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Did you know the Pope is coming to the United States? Oh, you did? Okay. Anyway, things are gearing up for the visit. The Papal Master of Ceremonies has been in the country the past few days checking out the […]

I’m not changing my header or SAINT sidebar during Lent, but remember, that even during Lent, saints march on. Yesterday was the Memorial of St. Peter Damian, and Ian of Aquinas and More Catholic bookstore has a great post on […]

One of the most irritating thing about discourse, something that gets exaggerated, it seems, on the Internet (like anything else) is hyper-defensiveness. That is to say that to critique any aspect of any phenomenon amounts to a full-scale attack on […]

Chopra’s book is currently #56 on Amazon. A couple of articles to put it in context, in Chopra’s own words: From the Huffington Post, a report on an appearance in New York at St. Mary the Virgin Church (very high […]