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The little boy featured in this video with his loving family died 11 minutes after he was born, last week. The parents had received a diagnosis of anencephaly earlier in the pregnancy, were advised to abort, but made the decision to accept […]

The text of the “summary points” 1. The Doctrinal Note is devoted principally to an exposition of the Catholic Church’s understanding of the Christian mission of evangelization, which is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the word “Gospel” translates “evangelion” […]

What do you want to read a book about? Nonfiction, not fiction. Religious/spiritual with a Catholic emphasis. What do you and people you know want that’s not out there? What subject interests you to the point that you would read […]

This has been rumored and reported for a while, but this report from a Mexican news source seems solid: Benedict personally tells Legion of Christ to ditch “private vows.” Pope Benedict XVI had personally asked for the repeal of the […]

All of Benedict’s discourses on the Fathers of the Church have been excellent, but I found today’s, on Paulinus of Nola, particularly affecting. Teresa Benedetta has translated: The Pope, as he always does, begins with an overview of Paulinus’ life: […]

A pretty amazing new website from the Congregation for the Clergy, Biblia Clerus provides a wealth of resources. Central to the effort is the cross-indexing of Scripture with references from the Early Church Fathers, Aquinas, important Church councils, Magisterial texts (wait…the […]

As has been reported in various spots, the USCCB has withdrawn their review of The Golden Compass. No reasons have been given, but one can assume that the advertising debacle, in which lines from the review were exploited for ad […]

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…rest in peace. The founder of Pax Christi passed away yesterday. Rocco has details.

Chaldean Patriarch and new Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly celebrated Mass yesterday in Baghdad: Delly presided over other services this week in Baghdad and the northern Kurdish city of Irbil, spreading his message of unity and forgiveness among Iraq’s Christians. “We […]