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January 1, 1970 Archives

You know those crafty-artsy-hipster-crunchy-parenting-homeschooling blogs where they’re always posting photos of the kids’ projects, which are always very cool, primitive yet winningly elegant in said simplicity, displayed against the background of the Mission furniture in their Craftsmen bungalows or their farmhouse and if they’re Catholic, […]

No, 2.2 was not required. Off to graphics. We’ll just count this post as version 2.2. When I clicked on the text of Spe Salvi  Friday morning at 7am and glanced over it with echoes of Max and Ruby and early-morning […]

Pope Benedict continues to school us in the Early Church Fathers, turning to St. Chromatius in today’s GA. From Teresa Benedetta at PRF. (As he always does, Benedict begins with concise and skillful scene-setting for the ministry of Chromatius: Arianism, […]

I think I’m about to go on a John Gardner kick. Never even read Grendel before (David did, in high school, and made a video based on it for a project…that’s as close as I got). But I picked up […]

..not St. Christopher over there on the right. Click on the “Image Source” link, and it will take you to an article on Francis Xavier in art, and an account of the painting from which that image is taken. Francis […]