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Reader Julia passes on some links related to a Welsh museum that has rebuilt and restored a small church to its pre-Stripping of the Altars beauty:
A BBC article and photo series (from 2006)
 The Museum’s site
Ian of the excellent online Catholic bookseller Aquinas and More has picked up my considerable slack and using what I started back in June as the beginning, produced a new and vastly improved Motu Proprio Tip Sheet – available here.
Marcel LeJeune of the almost-legendary Catholic campus ministry at Texas A&M has written an article on the stastical shenanigans in the recent Planned Parenthood study of global abortion rates. Go here, to his blog, for that very important article.
Parish Partnership: The Catholic Extension Society has long been one of my very favorite Catholic apostolates. In case you don’t know, it is a charity that provides assistance and support to the Church in mission areas in the US, parishes in which something as simple as obtaining hymnals or vestments, not to speak of being able to pay a pastoral assistant are major, sometimes impossible endeavors. Long-time director of the Extension Society Edward Slattery is now Bishop of Tulsa.
 One of the Society’s more recent programs is a Parish Partnership program, inspired by the widespread devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. A parish we regularly attend has partnered with a Louisana  parish with a shared patron – St. Peter – and has been providing a variety of assistance over the past months, from money to gifts for First Communicants.
Watching the Tiber Roll By – Will Duquette’s very graceful telling of the story of his reversion back to Catholicism. Well worth a read. Pray for all of those who are on this journey.
And for those of you looking for some spiritual pilgrimage next spring, take a look at the web page for Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s St. Benedict and St. Therese pilgrimage to France in late March and early April.

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