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January 1, 1970 Archives

Okay, this one isn’t easy. Sigh. Yes, it’s Russo’s Bridge of Sighs, which I read last week. I’m not going to say that I either do or don’t recommend it because, you know, everyone has different tastes, and I know […]

Ah, some bookblogging at last. I probably should reach back a few months and mention the book I keep forgetting – The Road by Cormac McCarthy. When The Road was first published, I got the impression from the reviews I […]

You only have one more day to download the very interesting BBC “In Our Time” program on the Divine Right of Kings. I learned a lot – very good context setting, in which you can see how the English thinking […]

CNS reports on encyclical #2: Pope Benedict XVI has completed his second encyclical, a meditation on Christian hope, Vatican sources said. The text, tentatively titled “Spe Salvi” (“Saved by Hope”), is about 65 pages, sources said Oct. 16. No release […]