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January 1, 1970 Archives

We stopped in a local “international” grocery store yesterday – mostly Latino foodstuffs, but selections of Greek and Italian as well. Anyway, I let the boys get paletas. Joseph picked watermelon, which was fantastic, and I picked “fruit cocktail” for […]

From his series on the apostles, Pope Benedict on Bartholomew, traditionally associated with Nathanael,  last October: His heart is moved by Jesus’ words, he feels understood and he understands: “This man knows everything about me, he knows and is familiar […]

A couple of notes from elsewhere: Diane from Te Deum Laudemus has a great video she has put together on Benediction at her parish, Assumption Grotto in Detroit. She is hosting it at GodTube, not YouTube, and adds: I had […]

Of course, the big religion “news” yesterday, propelled by a Drudge link, was an excerpt from and analysis of Mother Teresa’s decades-long dark night of the soul, described in a new book, to be published by Doubleday next month called […]