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Disaster’s after-effects in Peru and the Caribbean. Looming disaster in Mexico. Catholic Relief Services Caritas Peru Food for the Poor Add any smaller charities of which you are aware in the comments. Some help from the Pope: Pope Benedict XVI […]

With one episode left for the season, Big Love is heating up, and very well.  There were many excellent, some weird moments in this week’s episode, but what interests me the most is the rather ingenious way that the impact […]

Me: I saw Mrs. Miller today after Mass. Katie: What did you talk about? Me: Our ungrateful daughters. (Pause. Double Pause.) Katie: (tentatively) Really? Me: (shrug) Me: How was school? Katie: It was great. I have the best lunch table […]

Fr. Z has a very interesting discussion going. Actually, it’s not a discussion, it’s more of a “What Did You Hear” type thread in which he has invted people who did not experience the Extraordinary Rite/Classical/Tridentine/ Mass growing up to […]