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8:00 PM. The Colbert Report. Jean-Baptiste Colbert, contrôleur général of the Kingdoms of France and Navarre and first minister to the Sun-King, brings his distinctive blend of wikiality and mercantilism to the wacky zoo-like forum of American cable news. Today’s segment le møt discusses the truthiness of the Edict of Nantes. Weather and traffic by Bishop Bossuet

8:30 PM. Albs. Sacred Heart Seminary is thrown into comic chaos when it comes out that Janitor used up all the Tridentine mass-cards to build a gigantic paper hang-glider during his Batman phase, and Fr. Cox assigns Alcuin Reid’s visiting kid sister, Elliot, to fix the problem, or be forced to play the organ at one of Msgr. Kelso’s interminable and frequently botched high masses on Sunday. Turk and the Rev. Mr. Dorian pretend to be the World’s Tallest Seminarian. Ted spends a whole day stuck under a collapsed pile of disused copies of the 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code.

And you can’t forget TraddieTubbies…can you?

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