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…to last week. Michael enjoying practice for the Pepsi 400 last Thursday night in Daytona:

In case he wasn’t aware of it (and I’m sure he is), this one is for Jeffrey Overstreet, whose first novel, Auralia’s Colors, is being published by Waterbrook this fall. The book, which, from the first chapter seems to be […]

Yes, CBA has its share of celebs, some well-known only in the CBA world, others on a broader stage. Today I saw (but didn’t photograph)Jerry Jenkins (co-author of the Left Behind series.) being interviewed with his son, with whom he […]

I’ve not had the time or opportunity to really explore the reception of the Pope’s letter to Chinese Catholics, but here are a couple of comments: Jen Ambrose has several useful posts from the past week. Adam Minter does as […]

Also in Conyers: Outside: Inside: Mother of God Catholic Church, Byzantine-Ukrainian Rite. The parish is located on the property formerly known, back in the 80’s, as the site of the purported visions of Nancy Fowler, long since gone, I think, […]