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BIg doings in Rome over the next few days, leading up to Friday, the solemnities of Sts. Peter and Paul and the bestowing of the pallium on Sunday. First, the schedule, via PRF: June 26 17:30 Cardinal Bertone celebrates Mass […]

One of those posts. Please take a look at the blog of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles. The order described in this article in the Catholic Key, is a new one, and they have the project of […]

The "Search inside the book" feature has been activated on The Apostles. If you read the talks as he gave them, nothing much new, but if you’re considering using it as an adult ed resource, you might want to get […]

HWTN (Holy Whapping Television Network) is back on the air! Thursday.8:00 PM. Luminous Mysteries Movie of the Week. Barat: Cultural Learnings of 19th Century Catholic France Make for Glorious Benefit Nation of America. In this movie film, busload of bewildered […]

A tussle in Spain: A northern Spanish village is furious at a community of nuns whom it accuses of stealing three religious statues, the daily El Mundo reported Monday. The religious order of the Discalced Carmelites had been present for […]

Over at Slate, a 5-day diary by Inigo Thomas of time spent at the Pluscarden Abbey. Somewhat interesting, from an outsider’s perspective, no real attempt to understand the spiritual engine of the place. He never mentions if he attends any […]

A review: Every talented writer is entitled to be a bore on at least one subject, but where religion is concerned Christopher Hitchens abuses the privilege. For years now, he has supplemented his prolific punditry and criticism with a stream […]

Sandro Magister reflects on the state of the Church in Tuscany, reprinting a recent article by a professor of the sociology of religion in Florence, who in turn (are you still with me) uses a recent letter from some Catholics […]

English and Welsh bishops make a statement: Human embryos injected with animal cells, or chimeras, should be accorded human status under proposals to be considered by the British Parliament in the fall, said the Catholic bishops of England and Wales. […]

A few weeks ago, one of the bloggers at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex commented on Phliip Jenkins’ observation that some forms of Christianity are growing in Europe, and Eurabia might not be inevitable: I would only add that if the future of Christianity […]