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So, I spent most of late last week and the weekend working on this study guide for The Apostles, finishing up today with suggestions for opening and closing prayers for each of the twelve sessions. The study guide will be […]

Praying for the China Letter. More than 600 female monasteries are praying “so that the Holy Father’s letter is well-received, China opens up to the Gospels and give unrestricted religious freedom to all believers.” This initiative is the brain-child of […]

Eric Miller of Geneva College takes a quick survey of some recent books on the Jesus issue in Christianity Today – from Marcus Borg to Craig Evans. That is, from the Jesus Seminar gestalt to refutations of same. Not surprisingly, […]

Today, Benedict visited the Vatican Library, which has been in the news lately because of a 3-year shutdown that will begin in July. The closing has caused much distress to scholars, as detailed by the NYTimes here Since the Vatican […]