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January 1, 1970 Archives

As many of you know, Pope Benedict has, in his Wednesday General Audiences, been giving brief addresses on the leadership of early Christianity. He began last year with the Apostles. Such things naturally lend themselves to be collected in book […]

Speaking of Rome, if you’re headed that way and need a tour guide, consider Eternal CIty Tours, operated by some very knowledgeable and engaging folks – who also happen to sponsor Rome’s version of "Theology on Tap."

The subject of today’s General Audience, along with an appeal for refugees: Nations must offer solidarity to refugees, by coming to their aid and respecting their rights. This is the appeal which Benedict XVI launched today for the world’s 10 […]

Bishop Carl Moeddel, Cincinnati auxiliary, has resigned at the age of 69. Bishop Moeddel has serious health problems, I believe, including a recent stroke.