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Over at Right Reason (the blog made recently famous by the particpation of Francis Beckwith and the discussion of his reversion to Catholicism), Notre Dame professor of Architecture Philip Bess (whom I’ve had the honor of meeting, ever-so-briefly!), is blogging […]

Is all of this liturgy stuff just nattering and a waste of valuable time? The accusation is snidely hurled once in a while, and there is much to say in defense of liturgy conversations, but all I’ll say for now […]

Hire dumber campaign people. As Michael notes, even Johnny Sac makes an appearance, giving an extra yank on my chain. More substantively (and violating my no-campaign-talk policy, I know) – several GOP candidates spoke to the National Right to Life […]

Two articles from CNS: Convent ransacked: The Gaza compound of the Rosary Sisters was ransacked and looted and sacred objects were destroyed during Palestinian infighting that led to the Hamas faction’s takeover of the Gaza Strip. Msgr. Manuel Musallam, pastor […]

(I guess this makes up for there being no US appointments today…the traditional day for it.) Fr. Z points us to a column – the first in a series – by Bishop Serratelli of Paterson …on the Sense of the […]

Bishop Tobin of Providence, recently in the limelight because of his Rudy Giuliani column, visitis a columnist. And has some questions for him. (I don’t know anything about the columnist or the reason for the visit – M. Charles Bakst […]

About a month ago, Bishop Trautman (Erie), chair of the USCCB Committee on Liturgy, who has been vocal in his criticisms of various liturgical signals and signs coming from Rome, wrote a brief critique of the proposed new translation of […]

Adam Minter, author of this month’s Atlantic article on the Church in China (which I’ve not read yet) has a blog post on the forthcoming letter from the Pope to Chinese Catholics. In terms of the content, APcom’s source indicates […]

Blogger Gashwin Gomes is in NYC, and attended a performance of Our God’s Brother at the Storm Theater: The play, part of a festival dedicated to the works of Karol Wojtyla: … was written approximately ten years later during the […]