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January 1, 1970 Archives

Four canonizations on Sunday  in Rome. Biographies of the Blesseds: Blessed George Preca from Malta, founder of the Society of Christian Doctrine, a lay group dedicated to catechesis and evangelization: The main priority of the Society is catechetical work in […]

Here I go again…this week’s In Our Time, from BBC radio, focused on William of Ockham, and was quite a good introduction. They pretty much stayed with Ockham himself – that was enough – without going too much into broader […]

On the evening of May 31, Pope Benedict led an end-of-May rosary procession through the Vatican gardens. He began the evening meeting with Vatican employees: Pope Benedict XVI spent a breezy spring evening with the Vatican’s civil servants — gardeners […]

See this? The "Under the Lights" program focusing on the Wake Forest football program? See it? My oldest produced and edited it – he didn’t do the actual shots, but beyond that, the whole program is basically his work. And […]

We watched it a few weeks ago, and Michael Scaperlanda’s post on the film reminded me of something I meant to remark on at the time, but didn’t. Michael speaks of the length of the film, and what struck me […]

So, we stopped in at Barnes and Noble this evening, and as per usual, I went to check over the "religion" section in the children’s department to see if they had my saints’ books. Why do I bother? No one […]

Archbishop Miller moves: Rome’s point man on Catholic higher education has been named the new coadjutor archbishop of Vancouver, positioning him eventually to lead one of North America’s most cosmopolitan dioceses and the third-largest in Canada, after Montreal and Toronto. […]

Convent sacked and occupied Terrorists, believed to be Shiites, yesterday occupied the Convent belonging to the Chaldean Sisters of the Scared (sic – obviously should be Sacred) Heart in Baghdad.  Sources in the capital in contact with the nuns denounced […]