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January 1, 1970 Archives

…for blogger and musician Michael John Poirier,diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

A Biblioblogger is running a poll on the Synoptic Problem: as in – which theory is the best solution? Even if you don’t vote, it’s worth taking a look to see the different theories, in case you’re not familiar with […]

Tim Drake has a great interview with Francis Beckwith in the NCRegister. He discusses his reasons why he left the Church as a teenager, why he returned, and what Catholics and evangelical Protestants can learn from each other, the value […]

From today’s General Audience: –“Being with the Church and acceptance of its weaknesses” requires “humility” and “simplicity”, because “only God is truly holy, we are in need of His forgiveness”.  The Pope made these observations today to over 40 thousand […]

…from the blogs and the news: New members of the bishops’ review board on sexual abuse. The former superior general of the controversial (as in supressed by the bishop of Scranton) Society of St. John was to be ordained to […]