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Well, one of countless reasons..I am so terribly distractable. (I started working on this post on 5/21, btw.) Because being distracted is just so interesting. It first hit me when I was working on my MA thesis at Vanderbilt – […]

From today’s WSJ on the Russian Orthodox reunion noted earlier this week: From the time when Russia became communist and atheist after 1917, the Church Abroad had sought to be the free voice of Russian Orthodoxy world-wide. Its independence was […]

Maureen Wittman has observations about a confirmation she attended in the Grand Rapids diocese Reader Lance wonders about the Scalabrini Fathers, who are taking his parish under their wing. Anyone? Reader/seminarian Dennis has a bleg: I’m working on a talk […]

Aid to the Church in Need has stories of interest – about Chavez effectively shutting down the Catholic television station in Venezuala, and a Peruvian bishop’s accusations again mine owners. Pope gives 100,000 Euros to a Ukrainian Catholic university. More […]

Today, in the NYTimes, David Brooks on Catholics (via Mirror of Justice) He focuses on the "quasi-religious" – those who go to church but are skeptical about what they hear, and particularly Catholics. He traces the beginning of Catholic prosperity […]

Bringing solar power to the Vatican. A giant rooftop garden of solar panels will be built next year on top of the Paul VI audience hall, creating enough electricity to heat, cool and light the entire building year-round. "Solar energy […]

A couple of items sent my way. As you know, World Youth Day is coming up next summer in Sydney. A couple of weeks ago, the event’s official hymn was announced: The theme song for World Youth Day 2008 was […]

Down in Deerfield Beach: Creating a cookie for a saint is not as far-fetched as it may seem. For baker Joseph Teresi and his customer Giacomo Piraino, it was a happy convergence of cuisine and faith. It is significant that […]

From today’s WSJ, a Catholic school getting the job done: High graduation rates are a constant at most Catholic schools, but St. Joseph’s is unique even within the parochial system: It is the only area Catholic school that has an […]