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Fr. Jim Tucker on the wedding industry and related matters: I contrast that to the weddings that we celebrated last Saturday night in the Spanish Vigil Mass. Twice a year, we encourage couples who are in merely civil unions or […]

No one shall be permitted to review a book written by Pope Benedict for major press outlets unless they have read at least 3 other books written by said author (aka Joseph Ratzinger, in case you forgot.) Exhibit A: Bruce […]

Two branches of Russian Orthdoxy make up. In Rome, a "Feast of Peoples." The 16th "Feast of Peoples" will be held in the square of St. John Lateran in Rome on Sunday, May 20. The initiative has been organized by […]

Which bear is best? No, just kidding. I actually do have two questions though, as I take an 11-minute blog break. Have any of you had experience with Churching of Women? Yourself, back in times past, or have heard a […]

Take a look at Vox Nova. From the group: We are writing to humbly request your help in getting the word out about our new Catholic social/political blog.  We are a group of faithful Catholics of very different political persuasions–from […]

It’s coming, says Cardinal Hoyas to CELAM: The top Vatican official in charge of use of the Tridentine Mass has confirmed that Pope Benedict XVI “intends to extend to the entire church the possibility of celebrating the Mass and the […]